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March 2024

Social work, social workers, and InterAct. 

Social workers seek to improve the lives of others.

Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. Social workers assist people by helping them cope with issues in their everyday lives, deal with their relationships, and solve personal and family problems.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 715,000 social workers in the United States in 2020. With an expected growth in jobs of 12 percent by 2030, social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.


Who are social workers?

Social workers play a crucial role in helping individuals facing various challenges, such as disabilities, life-threatening health conditions, and social problems, such as unemployment, inadequate housing, or substance abuse. They are also responsible for assisting families that are dealing with serious domestic conflicts that may involve child or spousal abuse.

Additionally, social workers can engage in activities like research, advocating for better services, designing systems, and policy development. Many social workers specialize in serving particular populations or working in specific settings.


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Signs of a healthy relationship.

InterAct + Social Work

Words that describe social work: Individual Social Change Helping People Change Life Self-confidence Voice Saving Empowering Crisis Domestic Violence Sexual Safety Shelter Food Clothing Essentials Survive Thrive Resilience Compassion Emotions

Signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Meet Our S.W. Interns

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InterAct's social work team.

The social work team at InterAct.

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InterAct + Social Work

Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence (IPV), is a multifaceted and widespread issue affecting millions. Center for Disease Control (CDC) data indicates that around 41 percent of women and 26 percent of men have reported experiencing domestic violence in their lifetime. This type of violence can result in enduring physical, mental, and emotional effects, including chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

While domestic violence and IPV are often used interchangeably, IPV specifically pertains to abuse—whether physical, emotional, or sexual—that transpires within romantic relationships. On the other hand, domestic violence encompasses a broader spectrum, extending to any form of abuse occurring within a household. Social workers specializing in either area are commonly referred to as domestic violence social workers.

These professionals play a crucial role in assisting survivors of domestic violence or IPV in rebuilding their lives. Through counseling, therapy, and facilitating access to resources like legal aid, they provide essential support to individuals and communities.

Many aspects of InterAct’s wraparound services are supported through the guidance of our social work team. They assist clients with therapeutic assistance, safety planning, court advocacy, financial support, and most of all, believing in and listening to, every person who contacts InterAct for assistance.

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Social workers seek to improve the lives of others.

Words that describe social work: </p>
<p>Individual<br />
Social Change<br />
Helping<br />
People<br />
Change<br />
Life<br />
Self-confidence<br />
Voice<br />
Saving<br />
Empowering<br />
Crisis<br />
Domestic<br />
Violence<br />
Sexual<br />
Safety<br />
Shelter<br />
Food<br />
Clothing<br />
Essentials<br />
Survive<br />
Thrive<br />
Resilience<br />
Compassion<br />
Emotions<br />

Let’s get to know InterAct’s social work interns!

Introducing our Q&A feature highlighting our social work interns! Join us as we dive into their experiences, insights, and contributions to our mission.

Why did you want to become a social worker?

Morgan: It intertwines helping the individual while focusing on broader social change.

Mariam: I enjoy helping people and seeing the changes in people’s lives as well.

What do you tell people you do as an intern at InterAct?

Morgan: I work on the 24/7 crisis lines with survivors of domestic or sexual violence.

Mariam: Saving lives and empowering the voice of my clients.

What are your goals as an intern at InterAct?

Morgan: To finish my program with great learning and collaboration with community partners.

Mariam: To apply all the knowledge gained in school to my assigned duties at InterAct.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a social worker?

Morgan: The emotional weight at the end of the day.

Mariam: Sometimes, when you see some not-so-good choices a client makes, you have to allow them to make their choices.

What is the most rewarding part about being a social worker?

Morgan: Seeing a client survive and thrive after hardships!

Mariam: It gives me joy to make a difference in people’s lives, especially after overcoming their trials.


Thank you, Morgan and Mariam, and thank you to all of our social workers at InterAct. We are grateful for your dedication and teamwork.

Child laughing with adult while they hold them.

How You Can Help InterAct Provide Services

Domestic and sexual acts of violence affect our communities in many ways. InterAct relies on the generosity of our community to support life-saving and life-changing services for survivors. Your support, in any way, helps end the cycle of violence in our community.

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